5 Most haunted places in Delhi

For someone, who don’t believe in paranormal activities must go through this piece because it might make you rethink on supernatural powers and those who believe in them should also read it for their interest. The haunted places mentioned below are not imaginary for those who have experienced it themselves.

The first haunted place on our list is Delhi Cantonment also known as Delhi Cantt. It is said to be one of the scariest haunted sites in the capital. People say various stories about the ghost lady of Delhi Cantonment. It is said that Delhi Cantt is a shelter of a lady ghost, who supposedly killed in a car accident. Many people who have visited the area have experienced her existence over and over again. The lady’s spirit tries to attract passer-bys and if people do not stop their cars, she runs after the car and if they stop she disappears.

Older people advice not to stop vehicles if someone tries to stop you while passing this area.

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